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2023 | New Year New Start

Feb 04, 2023

As a manufacturer with 17 years’ experience of tactical and outdoor products, customers and quality is the first all the time. In order to meet our customers' delivery schedules as far as possible, our oversea Myanmar Factory resumed production of special forces tactical vest on Jan 23rd and our Hunan factory also got back to work for coyote brown tactical backpacks on Jan 27th, 2023.

On 2nd February 2022, Yakeda's Guangzhou head office resumed work. Accompanied by the sound of firecrackers ringing in the sky, we successfully held a New Year's start blessing ceremony. Let's welcome the start of the New Year 2023 together.

Then President Marco Shu summarised the efforts achived in 2022 and clarified the plans for 2023. 

Efforts in 2022

1.Annual Sales: Annual sales in 2022 were at a new level, up to $300 million, with retail side, wholesale side and OEM orders growing across the board.


Best Selling List  in 2022

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Tactical Vests VT-6026-3 more than 50,000pcs
VT-6026-1 more than 30,000pcs
VT-322 more than 16,000pcs
VT-6094A more than 10,000pcs
Tactical Belts YD-2012 more than 10,000pcs
L1810 more than 6,000pcs
Bulletproof Equipment

M88 Helmet


more than 8,000pcs

Fast Helmet


more than 3,000pcs
Bulletproof Plate more than 200,000pcs


2.Production Capacity: We developed 3 production bases, added 3 new production lines and increase workers by 1,100 people.

3.Company Management: Through a series of reform measures in 2022, we have continued to optimise our office processes and have now fully implemented a systematic office. At the same time, we are also improving our staff welfare system.

Planning for 2023


1. Continue to develop new production lines

Up to now, we has a production capacity of 5,000 people, 71 production lines and a monthly output of 150,000pcs. There are totally 1,500 production workers employed in our Guangzhou factory(since 2006), Myanmar factory(since 2018) and Hunan factory(since 2020). Also with about 35000 workers are in our other five production bases in Jiangxi, Guangxi, Ningxia, Sichuan and Hubei. 

In April 2023 Guangzhou factory will move to a separate factory of 10,000㎡. The plan is to add 2 or 3 new production lines and 300 workers to the existing ones. Accommodation and food will also be provided for the workers.

2. Expansion of office space

Yakeda has achieved brilliant results since its establishment in 2006, one step at a time. Due to business expansion and the scale of the company's development, in 2023 we will move from a 250m2 office to a new 1,200m2 office that can accommodate 150 people. Sales Department, Branding Department and Marketing Departments will be further expanded.


3. Opening a new overseas factory

Following the completion of our overseas factory in Myanmar in 2018, we plan to set up a new factory in Southeast Asia in 2023 to take on more orders.


4.Develop New Products

In 2023, we aim to develop new small utility tactical pouches and chest rigs. Let's stay tuned!

Finally, the company handed out New Year red packets to every employee, sending the blessings and expectations to our every family member. It signifies that everyone will work smoothly, be safe and happy, and have all the best in the new year!


Wishing you luck in the year of Rabbit!


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