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  • Tactical backpack commonly used buckle knowledge science Tactical backpack commonly used buckle knowledge science Feb 03, 2023
    Fasteners are used in many textile products in daily life, such as tactical outdoor backpacks, hydration backpack luggage bag, tactical vest, etc. The most obvious role of the fastener is to connect the two ends of the textile, so that they are combined into a single unit. Although it is very inconspicuous, it plays an important role when we use military tender backpacks. 1. Classification of plastic buckles Common types of plastic buckles:Buckle, strap adjuster, loop, D-ring, snap hook cord stopper etc. 2. Tactical backpack buckle materials/characteristics/uses 2.1. Backpack plastic Buckle: The material is generally POM, PA and PC. buckle consists of male and female buckle, the two ends are sewn webbing, according to different needs and choose the length of the webbing, generally used for shoulder, waist fixed. Female buckle can be designed according to the customer and authorized color label or LOGO. 2.2. Hook buckle: Material is generally POM, PA, PP. Hook buckle, D-ring buckle, day buckle, square buckle, ladder buckle collectively known as hook buckle, usually hook and D-ring buckle used at the same time, the day buckle plays a role in adjusting the length of the webbing, ladder buckle is generally used in the end of the webbing, playing a major role in fixing, hook buckle can be electroplated, screen printing, generally in the ladder buckle can be designed LOGO. 2.3. Rope buckle: The material is generally PA, PP, PC, POM. Rope mouth optional caliber size, single hole and double hole, applicable with a variety of nylon rope, elastic rope. And we can design LOGO according to customers' requirements. 2.4. Anti-slip plastic mat: The material generally comes from PVC. Mat are divided into grains and strips, used in the bottom of the trolley bag or travel bags, effective protection from wear and tear, is the indispensable material of the bags, and has a non-slip function, to protect the goods in special circumstances not damaged by the impact. 2.5. Plastic shoulder pad: Material is PVC, PU, TRP, TPE. Shoulder pad has the function of alleviating pressure, positioning anti-slip, shoulder pad handle is people often contact the use of parts, webbing set into the handle inside, firm and not easy to move. 3. Comparison of advantages and disadvantages of raw materials for plastic buckles Material: Advantages: Disadvantages: Application: PP  with excellent bonding properties. Good heat resistance. The lightest of all plastics. Excellent electrical characteristics. Poor impact resistance at low temperatures. Poor weathering resistance.   All kinds of containers, especially heat-resistant products. Chain bonded products toys. Film, soft film, sheet. Plates, pipes. PVC softness can be freely adjusted. Hard and tough. Excellent weather resistance. Excellent water resistance. Low cost. Poor heat and cold resistance. Poor impact resistance. Poor bending resistance. Pipe, piping parts. Electric wire coverings, footwear. Industrial, special chemical parts. Rolls, flexible sheets, sheets, leather. Rubber substitutes. PA (Nylon)  Strong, excellent impact resistance. Has excellent heat and cold resistance, chemical and oil resistance. Has self-wetting and low friction resistance. Poor water absorption, lack of size security. Weak resistance to strong acids.  Machinery Department Supplies. Automotive and electrical products. One-piece pantyhose, Hose.  POM  strong, elastic and fatigue resistant. Self-wetting, low friction resistance.   Poor UV resistance. Thermal decomposition will produce formalin gas. Weak resistance to acids and bases.  Load heavy industrial products. Automotive, electrical products. Toy category. Substitute for metal.  PC Strong, excellent impact resistance. Has excellent heat and cold resistance and weather resistance. Has luminescence. Poor fatigue resistance. Poor UV resistance. Weak resistance to acid and alkali.     Load heavy industrial products. Heat-resistant electrical. Products, metal substitutes Safety helmets, meters, eye medicine bottles, food utensils. 4. About the test of the plastic buckles 4.1.tensile force test: Used to test the buckle's ability to withstand. Instant tension test: mainly used for insert buckle, D buckle, day buckle, test the strength of the buckle when suddenly encountered strong tension. Lasting tension test: its main principle in determining the load of a certain weight, the buckle withstands the time value. 4.2.the number of times the buckle is used to test: Non-stop opening and closing to test how many times the buckle will be deformed. 4.3. Temperature test: test the buckle in the non-conventional temperature withstand, divided into two kinds of high and low temperature, the time is 24 hours, and then test the change of strength: High temperature is usually set at 70 degrees Celsius low temperature is usually set at -30 degrees Celsius.  4.4. Salt spray test: Salt spray test to monitor the anti-salinity of the fasteners, some products can only be transported by sea, a long period of time running at sea will have an impact on the quality of the product, this test is divided into two steps. ① Put the fasteners in seawater, soaking for 72 hours ② Expose the soaked fasteners to the sun for 5–7 days ③ Test the strength after the completion of the test has not changed too much. There are also some such as acid-proof test, which can be tested according to different needs and materials to carry out the corresponding value, which is related to the metal buckle also to its rust, corrosion, chemical resistance and other tests, plastic buckle if there is a product post-processing, such as electroplating, water dyeing, oiling and other processes, but also to further test whether these additional processes are qualified standards. A good tactical backpack can not do without the support of quality accessories, custom quality luggage products, the choice of buckles can not be careless, so as not to affect the overall quality of the luggage due to the quality of the buckle. KNOW MORE ITEMS

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