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  • 9 Hidden Features of Tactical Backpacks You Need to Know 9 Hidden Features of Tactical Backpacks You Need to Know Feb 16, 2023
    Tactical camping gear is designed to be versatile, durable, and packed with features to meet the needs of hikers, campers, and military personnel. However, there are some hidden features of backpack that you may not know about. Here are nine hidden features of tactical backpacks you need to know: 1. Hidden compartments: Many outdoor gear backpacks come with hidden compartments that can be used to store valuable items or to separate wet and dry items. These compartments are often located in the back panel or the waist belt and are designed to be concealed from view. Hidden compartments are useful for storing items that you want to keep secure, such as your wallet, passport, or keys. They can also be used to separate wet items, such as a rain jacket, from the rest of your gear. 2. Padded laptop compartment: A padded laptop compartment is a feature that is becoming more common in tactical backpacks. This compartment provides extra protection for your laptop and keeps it separate from the other items in your backpack. Padded laptop compartments are ideal for students, professionals, and anyone who needs to carry their laptop with them. 3. Hydration system: A hydration system is an essential feature of any hydration backpack tactical designed for outdoor use. A hydration system allows you to carry water with you on your adventures, without having to stop and pull out a water bottle. The most common type of hydration system is a hydration bladder that fits in a sleeve inside the backpack, with a tube that runs through a tube port on the backpack strap. Look for backpacks with a hydration sleeve and a tube port, as these are essential features for a hydration system. 4. Compression straps: Compression straps are an essential feature of hiking backpack 25 liters. These straps are designed to compress the load in your backpack and keep it stable while you are on the move. Compression straps also help to distribute the weight of the load evenly across your back, reducing the strain on your shoulders and back. In addition to their primary function, compression straps can also be used to attach gear to the outside of your backpack, to hang your backpack when not in use, or to compress your backpack when it is not fully loaded. 5.MOLLE webbing: MOLLE webbing is a feature that is commonly found on tactical backpacks. MOLLE stands for Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment, and it is a system of webbing that allows you to attach other gear to your backpack. MOLLE webbing is typically found on the front and sides of the backpack and is used to attach pouches, holsters, or other accessories. MOLLE webbing allows you to customize your backpack to meet your specific needs, making it an essential feature for anyone who wants a versatile backpack. 6. Tuck-away shoulder straps: Tuck-away shoulder straps are a feature found on some tactical backpacks that allow you to hide the shoulder straps when they are not in use. This is useful when you want to carry your backpack as a duffle bag or when you need to check your backpack in at an airport. 7. Sternum strap whistle: A sternum strap whistle is a small whistle that is built into the sternum strap of some tactical backpacks. This whistle can be used to signal for help in case of an emergency, and it can be heard from a distance. 8. Quick-release buckles: Some tactical backpacks come with quick-release buckles that allow you to easily and quickly remove the backpack in case of an emergency. These buckles are usually located on the shoulder straps and waist belt and are designed to be operated with one hand. 9. Detachable day packs: Some tactical backpacks come with a detachable day pack that can be used as a smaller, standalone backpack. This is useful when you want to leave your main backpack at camp or in a hotel and go out for the day with just the essentials. In conclusion, tactical backpacks are packed with hidden features that can make your outdoor adventures or work more comfortable and efficient. By understanding these hidden features and how to use them, you can take full advantage of your tactical backpack and make the most out of your next adventure. CLICK TO CONTACT

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