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  • What is a tactical vest? What is a tactical vest? Apr 26, 2021
    What is a tactical vest ?        A tactical vest is an almost essential item for an airsoft player, but what exactly is it for? Well, it has several very useful features in the field of play.        This type of tactical equipment offers great help when it comes to storing all kinds of chargers, grenades, walkie-talkies and any other resource that we use when playing. It also offers protection throughout the chest, abdomen, back and, an area where it itches especially if they hit you, the obliques, or love handles come on.        Given this brief explanation to put you in the context of the review that I am going to offer you, let's go with the review of the first collaborating company of the web, the YAKEDA tactical vest! General description          This YAKEDA brand quick release tactical vest is made of 500D nylon, so it offers great quality in the face of possible scratches, falls or other situations that may occur in the airsoft field.   ① Fully removable and configurable to suit each user. ②The measurements of this vest are 38 cm high and 28 cm long. ③This vest is available for sizes from S to 3XL, it is adjustable from the shoulders and from the back, where we will find a para cord style rope with which we can give our vest more space. ④MOLLE system with which we can include many pouches in a simple and comfortable way. ⑤Velcro on the front panel to be able to change it with any other more related to our style of play or different chargers. In addition, in the front part we have another Velcro above to be able to put any patch that we want. ⑥Handle on the back from which you can pull as hard as you want, since it can withstand up to a force of 250 kg. ⑦The side locking system is fast and super safe, be sure that it will not open in the middle of the game. ⑧You can insert some protection plates that are included in the purchase of your vest. ⑨Padded in the front, back and shoulders, so comfort is more than assured. ⑩To finish with the features, say that this padding offers a great cooling system, so you won't get too hot during your game.   Pros and Cons        We start with the positive parts of this vest, which are quite a few, mainly because of the way I play, in case you didn't know I like to play quite light, that is, I only go with what is necessary in my vest (chargers and little else) so I see this equipment as perfect for me. It comes with a front panel ready for 3 rifle (M4) and 3 pistol chargers, just enough and necessary to be quite left over in our games without having to stop to reload them.        Being the first advantage the lightness and agility that this vest provides you, we go with the second positive point that has been its quality, the main hooks of the vest for the front part are made of iron, which gives it a little more quality, since As a general rule, these hooks can be made of plastic or directly there are no such hooks, in addition they have that side hook that we have already seen in other brand vests.        As for the last advantage, we are going to say that it is super comfortable, it has padding both in the front and in the back, but what makes it really comfortable is its padding in the shoulder area, so you can carry it with ease. Pouches that you won't even notice.        We end the personal opinion with the negative points, although they are not very harmful drawbacks either, since the first would be that both the front and rear MOLLE is not like the classic one we always see, but rather that it seems narrower, so it will cost us more. Put a pouch in the front or back. And the other handicap is the material from which the outside of the straps is made on the inside, it is the typical one in which balls are made, and it gives me a lot of touch, I prefer all nylon and that's it.    Releated Blog: Concealed Carry: The Pros and Cons of Wearing a Bulletproof Vest      (This article is reproduced from the Internet)

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