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  • Howdy, how badly do you want your own backpack? Howdy, how badly do you want your own backpack? Nov 23, 2022
    Consumers with different needs will use different types of backpacks, and different use scenarios will lead to different types of backpacks. If you're in the tropics, the backpack should be waterproof and breathable; if you're camping, the backpack should be large and durable. This backpack can meet all your needs. 90L large capacity backpack Large capacity main compartment + sub compartment design, can accommodate a variety of camping items. The top space can be placed for medical items, easy to take. Backpack side pockets can hold water bottles, umbrellas and other items, mesh pockets designed to accommodate small items. The front bottom bag can be placed shoes, wet items, etc. Top quality The zipper and buckle are made of internationally known brand YKK and UTX, wear-resistant 1000D fabric Expandable and easy to use The full body molle system is designed to achieve the external hanging function and increase the capacity according to demand. Usually, outdoors men hang a sleeping bag at the bottom. Center zipper opening design for easy access to items. Removable waist seal, 3.3CM extra thick padding. Back breathable honeycomb back system According to the human skeleton design, lumbar pads, back straps at the use of breathable soft cushion, the minimum degree of back pressure reduction. Widened and thickened shoulder straps can be adjusted according to the body height.     I think there is no user who does not want to have a functional, innovative and personalized backpack, we can achieve all these for you!
  • What is a tactical backpack? What is a tactical backpack? Oct 25, 2022
    Waterproof Tactical backpacks originated on the battlefield to enhance the soldier's ability to carry equipment and supplies in war. It facilitates the execution of military tasks while meeting the need to carry a variety of equipment. Tactical backpack features are. 1. Have a strong carrying capacity and comfortable back system. 2. Wear-resistant and anti-build, with a silenced design. 3. With a variety of mounting systems. 4. Lightweight and fast pickup design. 5. With waterproof design. For the frequent outdoor travel partners, it is especially important to have a durable and large-capacity backpack. This backpack design is unique, with a strong military style, superb storage design, multi-compartment large capacity, you can classify all kinds of equipment, effectively solve our storage problems. The backpack is made of 1000D Cordura fabric (water-resistant), which has good abrasion resistance and tears resistance. The appearance of the design:MOLLE modular bearing system, so that the tactical system components of individual and overall coordination between each other.   The performance:Backpack weight 1.8 kg, capacity 55L, size: height 55 * width 25 * thickness 15 cm, two-way zipper using the drawstring silent design, suitable for outdoor field and other military environment use. S-shaped reinforced shoulder straps, air infusion system to protect the comfort of the back. Whether it is outdoor sports, daily commuting, or combat operations are a good choice. Back shoulder have soft cushion design, long time back is not a problem. It is really cost-effective.

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