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  • What is the difference between a tactical bags and outdoor bags? What is the difference between a tactical bags and outdoor bags? May 01, 2022
    Firstly, the color, outdoor bags are very conspicuous, in order to quickly lock the location in the outdoors, increasing security and ease of access. Tactical bags are basically military green, black, gray, in addition to the military necessity (concealment), the most important is dirty! Throw it on the ground without showing dirty. The most important backpacking system for outdoor bags will be simplified or even abandoned on the tactical bag side. Tactical backpacks (small) are actually more oriented towards daily commuting or short-distance travel use. The external MOLLE system can mount various EDC gadgets or small external packs. A tactical backpack can increase its capacity by at least 50% with the MOLLE system, which is equivalent to the price of one pack to buy the capacity of two packs. Modularity is reflected in the tactical bag has a variety of hierarchical storage areas. In addition to the standard computer main pocket, the tactical bag will be designed with multiple compartments from the inside to the outside, allowing you to scientifically partition the equipment and take it all quickly and easily. In tactical backpacks and most outdoor bags, the fabric is basically Oxford cloth, nylon, canvas. But in the pursuit of lightweight outdoor backpacks, tactical backpacks focus more on wear resistance. Excellent abrasion resistance also means that the fabric density is greater, but also make tactical backpacks tend to be heavy, after all, light weight and wear-resistant currently can not be both.

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