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  • Top 5 Chinese tactical brands to recommend in 2022 Dec 09, 2022
    More and more military enthusiasts choose tactical equipment has long gone beyond the military and police, and is no longer the exclusive product of agents, FBI, special forces. Its low-profile appearance, the applicability of multiple occasions, making this type of clothing has long penetrated deep into the mass consumer groups. This article will introduce China's top 5 Chinese tactical brands. 1.COMBAT2000 COMBAT2000 brand adheres to the attitude of excellence and the concept of aligning with international leading material technology and application design, and is committed to creating high-quality tactical equipment and outdoor interactive equipment for professional units and elite users across the country. In 1999, Combat2000 team established the first Chinese War game website in China - COMBAT2000. In 2001, COMBAT2000 team established the first Chinese War game shopping website in China, providing spare parts, clothing, shoes and hats for War game enthusiasts. In 2007, Combat2000 team officially launched the brand "COMBAT2000". Combat2000 team are all people with in-depth knowledge of tactical circle, proficient in firearms shooting, and often represent the Chinese team in IPSC shooting competitions. Combat2000's products are highly recognized in the circle of professionalism, recognized by War game enthusiasts and many military units and law enforcement professionals around the world, and have received orders from the Canadian military, and are currently authorized by Crye Prection. 2.Dragon's tooth Dragon's tooth, meaning Chinese dragon's weapon. Since 2012, Dragon's Tooth has acquired several domestic tactical design teams one after another, realizing the innovation path from competition to union and gradually towards independent and independent design for Chinese military regulation manufacturers. Dragon's Tooth is fully committed to building functional tactical clothing and equipment, and is moving solidly towards the ranks of international brands. Dragon's Tooth Tactical has been adhering to the guideline of "only using good materials". In the whole series of Dragon's Tooth products, Cordura, Primaloft, Power Dry, Polatec, Riger and other high-tech functional fabrics are used. Because of Long Tooth's craftsmanship and responsible after-sales attitude, Long Tooth has become more and more popular among consumers. 3.YAKEDA  Yakeda is committed to building the largest military and leisure outdoor service brand in China to ensure that it can provide consumers with professional, comfortable and cost-effective outdoor equipment. Yakeda was established in 2006, after more than 16 years of efforts and development, has set up factories in Guangzhou, Myanmar and Hunan, has a certain scale and strength in the industry, is a professional military, police supplies and tactical, outdoor products manufacturers, has many years of design and development, manufacturing experience. The main products are outdoor military bags, tactical plate carrier, tactical accessory's series products, etc. For the military, police, rescue, tactical sports people to provide related equipment products and development and processing services. Because of the high-cost performance of the products in the domestic and international markets enjoy a certain degree of popularity. 4.Pisgear Although the scale is not large, the update speed is also slow, but made a lot of explosive products, the market reflects very well. The owner is a retired military police officer, product design drawing, layout, photography, making drawings are done by themselves, the product has been adopted by the police force. 5.TMC Mainly for the war game market, style and workmanship in the customer's recognition, there is a certain overseas market, in Spain and Poland have direct stores, in China and Thailand have factories.   Is there a brand you like? In the next article, we will compile the world's top 5 famous tactical brands, so stay tuned!   Contact US  

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