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    PROTECTION AGAINST BALLISTIC THREATS When a bullet or projectile strikes body armor, it is caught in a "web" of high performance fibers that are layered and stitched to exceed certain bullet resistant specifications. The engaged fibers absorb and disperse the impact energy that is transmitted to the vest from the bullet, causing the bullet to deform or “mushroom”. Additional energy is absorbed by each successive layer of material in the vest, until such time as the bullet has been stopped. Because the fibers work together in both the individual layer and with other layers of material in the vest, a large area of the garment becomes involved in preventing the bullet from penetrating, as well as dissipating the forces which can cause non-penetrating injuries to internal organs. Point-blank utilizes a blend of high strength fibers which are 6 to 9 times stronger than steel on an equal weight basis. PROTECTION AGAINST BLUNT TRAUMA Since soft body armor deforms backward upon impact, it also deforms backward into the wearer of the vest. The damage to tissue caused by this transfer of kinetic energy is called blunt trauma. Minimizing blunt trauma helps save lives, since it not only reduces internal injury, but prevents temporary incapacitation during the initial hit, allowing the wearer to respond immediately in a high-threat situation. In testing against a soft clay backstop, a 1.7”(44 mm) deformation is the maximum indication of blunt trauma allowed by the National institute of Justice (NIJ). As illustrated, Point Blank holds itself to an internal standard that is more stringent than NIJ requirements.                                                   According to research conducted by The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the risk of fatal injuries for officers who do not routinely wear body armor is 14 times greater than for those who do. As a company dedicated to serving the law enforcement and corrections community, a startling statistic such as this is the driving force behind our primary commitment, to provide the safest most comfortable body armor in the world. To date, the lives of over 3,000 law enforcement officers have been saved by the use of bullet-resistant body armor. Officers trust Point Blank's line of concealable and tactical body armor because they know they don't have to compromise comfort for performance. As street threats increase in number and capacity. Our experts in the Point Blank Technology and Testing Center are continuously testing and evaluating new advancements in ballistic technology to produce vests which not only offer superior protection but optimum comfort for daily wear.                              INSIDE HARD ARMOR PLATE Hard body armor typically incorporates an ultra-hard, ballistic ceramic top layer combined with a laminated blend of unidirectional oriented fiber bundles which work together to stop bullets and fragments. Some ultra light-weight plates do not incorporate ceramics in their construction. These non-ceramic designs are effective against Level III threats. Ceramic hard armor works by disrupting the aerodynamic shape of the bullet and dissipating the energy through the shattering of the ceramic top layer. The blunted or shattered bullet the ceramic fragments (secondary projectile) are caught in a laminated blend of high performance fibers, thereby inhibiting penetration.                         Point Blank offers several types of Hard Armor Plates capable of defeating high-powered Level III & IV rifle rounds, either in combination with Point Blank's Level IIIA certified soft body armor systems or as a stand-alone. The material construction of the plate can vary, which will affect weight and thinness. Hard body armor typically incorporates an ultra-hard, ballistic ceramic top layer combined with a laminated blend of unidirectional oriented fiber bundles which work together to stop bullets and fragments. Ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene plates do not incorporate ceramics in their construction, These plates are exceptionally lightweight and effective against a variety of Special threats. Steel plates possess a unique microstructure with high strength and ductility. These plates absorb multi-site from high velocity rifle weapons and offer freedom of movement due to its ultra-thin design. Protecting your community starts with equipping yourself with body armor that not only meets the highest level of protection, but also exceeds your expectations for lightweight comfort and performance. At YAKEDA we're constantly pushing the limits in ballistic technology. As part of Point Blank Enterprises’ family of brands, we currently have more NIJ .06 certified products than any other ballistics company in the industry, with a key emphasis of providing our customers with lighter, more flexible body armor systems with greater ballistic capabilities. More officers trust the YAKEDA brand because when it comes to meeting your needs for life protecting technology. Expectations can never be too high. CLICK TO CONTACT  

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