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More than 20000PCS tactical vest from France

Sep 24, 2021



Item NO.:VT-322


In 2019, we received the first inquiry from this customer, who was interested in our Tactical vest/Training vest/bullet proof vest. We finally sent him three samples for the tactical military plate carrier, VT-322, VT-6026-1 and Vt-6026-3, free of charge.

The customer was satisfied with the Tactical vest/Training vest/bullet proof vest and decided to distribute our Tactical vest/Training vest/bullet proof vest in conjunction with the local market.

From the first order of 200PCS in 2019, to 2,000PCS and 6,800PCS later, the quantity is increasing.

As this is a Tactical vest/Training vest/bullet proof vest(VT-322) we have been producing in stock for a long time, we are able to sort out and ship within a week as long as the customer has paid a deposit. Since the cooperation, our customers are satisfied with our products as well as our service.

We are still continuing our cooperation.

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