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  • The creation of a tactical plate carrier The creation of a tactical plate carrier Dec 06, 2022
    Please think about the following questions before reading this article. 1. What is your status? Agent, distributor, military purchaser or end consumer. 2. Are you curious about how the product you are using came to be? 3. Do you feel that your Military Tactical Backpack you are using is a good value for money? Please answer these questions in your mind and read on with the answers to your questions: or many customers will have all kinds of doubts about the tactical plate carrier you are using, follow me and let me take you through how your product is produced using a tactical vest as an example. NO.1. Confirm the style with customer, color, quantity, material, packaging method, etc.  Before arranging production, we must confirm with customers clearly about the details of production, before arranging production, if customers are not satisfied with any of the details of the product, we will make changes, once the production starts, any of the details need to be modified will incur a lot of costs. A. Style: Provide actual sample or parameter file. B. Color: Provide color card or Pantone color code, if there is no specified color, the factory will provide common color choice. C. Quantity:  Confirm the quantity of large goods, sample quantity, etc. D. Material:  If you can provide the sample, you can press all the sample or specify the material. Different materials will not only affect the price, but also the procurement cycle. For example, the production cycle of ordinary solid fabrics is about one week faster than that of camouflage fabrics, and the price of camouflage fabrics is higher than that of solid fabrics. The production cycle of common material zippers is half a month faster than that of YKK zippers, and the price of YKK zippers is three times higher than that of common material zippers.     NO.2. Sample room production samples: After the customer confirms the production details, the sample room makes pre-production samples to confirm the process and standard of the production.   NO.3. Customer confirmation and improvement to final confirmation. Send it to the customer for confirmation, and if there are any changes needed, we will assist in the changes and provide professional advice as much as possible.   NO.4.1. Material accounting department: After the customer confirms the sample, the Material accounting department will account for the quantity of raw materials needed for production according to the sample and the order quantity, and form a report for submission to the purchasing department.   NO.4.2. Purchasing department purchase raw materials: Purchasing department purchase raw materials, fabrics, webbing, zippers, cartons, etc. needed for the order according to the data.   NO.4.3. Production department : Raw materials are in place and production is arranged according to the production scheduling. A. Raw material cutting: Cutting department cut the used material according to the data. B. Sewing group:  The sewing group gets the material and carries out sewing according to the sample. C. Quality group:  The quality group will randomly check the raw materials and sewing process of the products at any time during the production process. D. Packing group: After the sewing is finished, the packing department will assemble the products according to the sample and organize them into boxes.  After the quality team confirms that there is no problem with the sampling, the batch of goods into the warehouse, waiting for customers to check the goods, shipping. Under normal circumstances, a whole production cycle is about 45-55 days. If you have a need to customize, please contact us a quarter in advance according to your sales plan, or you will miss the opportunity if you don't have goods to sell in the season.   Click to contact

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