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  • FAST - AIO head fully equipped FAST - AIO head fully equipped Dec 26, 2022
    Military helmet is one of the most basic single soldier equipment, but also an essential combat gear. Although modern countries pay more attention to land and sea weapons such as warplanes and battleships in military development, soldiers are still the backbone of the army's combat power, and much attention has been paid to the updating and development of helmets, an important piece of equipment for soldier combat and protection. This article will discuss around the FAST bulletproof helmet. FAST helmet in 2006 began to enter everyone's view, and then from the U.S. Army Special Forces began to take the world by storm, almost all special forces, special police units are equipped. Traditional helmet design is only a protective device, not as an integrated bearing system to treat, with the use of scenarios for replacement and increased demand, FAST helmet increased the rail and Velcro, apparently to equip night vision, headlamps and other tactical accessories as a way to strengthen special combat capabilities, it was designed to meet the growing number of soldiers in the field of integrated head equipment demand. As we all know, tactical accessories for special forces is very important, they can meet a variety of different combat environments. FAST stands for Future Assault Shell technology. Not only to meet the protection requirements, but also considered the integration, to meet the needs of the soldier's head a variety of equipment installed and the impact, such as: communication headset with headband or earmuffs / electronic hearing protection equipment, night vision equipment, tactical lights, cameras, eye protection system, facial protection shield, oxygen mask, three defense mask, filter mask, battery pack, and so on, to do AIO head fully equipped. The helmet is made of PE (high-performance polyethylene fiber) pressed, with superior ballistic performance. Both sides of the helmet and the front of the helmet are equipped with tactical rails, can be loaded according to the need for night vision, communication headphones, flashlights, etc., communication loading function to enhance the use of helmets under a variety of conditions. Helmet accessories using flexible selection of memory foam, comfortable to wear, the position can be moderately adjusted according to the size of the helmet, suitable for troops, public security, special police, security, etc.   Today's world war era is more focused on information technology, for soldiers, efficient access to information determines the success or failure of the operation. The new helmet of our special forces is obviously to adapt to the development of the times, however, for how to achieve a high degree of information technology and protection and fit, there is still a long way to go! SHOP NOW

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