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  • Interesting!FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022-They are all from China. Interesting!FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022-They are all from China. Nov 25, 2022
    The group stage of the World Cup in Qatar is in full swing. Although the Chinese men's football team did not have a chance to appear on the field, but the Chinese elements of the World Cup are still everywhere. From stadium construction to power security, from the referees inside the stadium to the mascots outside the stadium ...... Chinese construction and Chinese manufacturing have provided strong support for the Qatar World Cup. The ubiquitous Chinese elements at this year's World Cup have also sparked widespread concern among netizens. "Passion," "creativity," "hard power," "wisdom," "friendship "...... These became hot words in the messages on social networking sites. Trustworthy China Construction Lusail Iconic Stadium The Qatari Riyal banknote, printed with two traditional Arabic art elements, namely the Farnal lantern and the date bowl, is the largest stadium in Qatar, the Lusail Iconic Stadium. The stadium, which will host the 2022 World Cup final in Qatar, was built by China Railway Construction International Group, with more than a thousand Chinese participants.   Turf maintenance Netizens are also concerned that for soccer matches, turf maintenance is crucial, and the irrigation and maintenance of the turf at this year's World Cup soccer stadium is technically supported by Ningxia University in China.   Chinese referees on the field of play Chinese referee Ma Ning appeared on the field as the fourth official in the first round match between the United States and Wales in Group B of the World Cup in Qatar. This is the second time after 20 years that a Chinese referee has been involved in the enforcement work in the World Cup.   2022 World Cup mascot In the World Cup outside the field, the World Cup periphery, but also the figure of the Chinese manufacturing. From the World Cup ball to the mascot "Laib" of various products ...... According to Yiwu Sporting Goods Association estimates, the World Cup around the market share of goods, "made in Yiwu" has accounted for 70%. And according to Hangzhou Customs under the Yiwu Customs statistics, the first 10 months of this year, Yiwu exports of sporting goods 4.85 billion yuan, including exports to Brazil 150 million yuan, an increase of 38.8%.   Panda Also welcomed are giant pandas. On the eve of the World Cup, China's giant pandas Jingjing and Sihai officially met with the public in Doha. In October this year, "Jingjing" and "Sihai" went to Qatar, according to the agreement between the two countries, the two pandas born in China Giant Panda Conservation and Research Center Wolong Shenshuping base will live in Qatar for 15 years.   Secure electricity for your car During the World Cup in Qatar, many buses shuttled between the stadiums, hotels and other sites, taking on the task of transporting fans, officials and media reporters. Among them, the new energy buses from China became the main force. It is understood that in order to meet the transportation needs of the World Cup, Qatar imported 1500 buses from China, including 888 pure electric buses. This is the first time a large international sports event introduced Chinese new energy buses in large quantities, but also the first time pure electric buses as the main service World Cup tournament. Made in China can be trusted. If you need, we also have several backpacks for basketballs, footballs, etc. Which team do you support? Send us a message!

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