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Yakeda plate carrier:1200PCS VT-6026-1

Feb 15, 2021



Item NO.:VT-6026-1

Color:Black/Tan/OD green/CP/Black camo

On August 10th 2021, we received an inquiry from a USA customer, who was interested in our Tactical vest/Training vest/bulletproof vest.

The customer has his own online store in the US, and after investigation, he found that our Tactical plate carrier/Training vest/bulletproof vests are very popular in the US, so he wanted to cooperate with us.

  • He asked for 50 Tactical plate carrier/Training vest/bulletproof vests to test the market first, and the Tactical plate carrier/Training vest/bulletproof vests were sold out in less than 10 days.
  • The customer placed another order for 300 Tactical plate carrier/Training vest/bulletproof vests, and in about a month, they were sold out again.
  • The third order, the customer ordered 800 Yakeda plate carrier/Training vest/bulletproof vests, and in less than two months, they were already booked out by the customer.
  • The fourth order, 1,200 plate carriers, is being packed for shipment.

During the cooperation process, the customer also provided some valuable suggestions.

  • The undershirt can be made in XL size, because people in Europe and America are taller.
  • The seams can be strengthened.

We also have combined with their own situation to learn advice to improve.


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