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3000pcs sling bag order from Romania

Jul 05, 2018

Country: Romania

Volume: 3000pcs

Product Image:

Inquiry date: 2018-5.1

Order date: 2018.7.5 

In May 2017, our company received a Romanian customer on the first day of the Canton Fair, which was an inquiry about 3000 sling bags.

The customer has checked the quality and craftsmanship of our products at the booth and asked about the price. It seems to meet the requirements in every way. So he sent the product pictures he needed to customize to our company for quotation.

The general manager of our company gives the customer the range of quotations based on the existing data, and the specific unit price needs to be determined after actual samples or samples are made. The customer understands.

On the third day of the exhibition, the customer came to the exhibition again to discuss the details of the sample. Our company guarantees that the sample production will be completed within 7-14 days according to the pictures and requirements.

The customer was very satisfied and paid the sample fee on the spot, and expressed his expectation to receive the sample and the actual quotation as soon as possible.

Everything went smoothly and the customer confirmed the order shortly after receiving the sample. He said that the quality of our samples is very good, the workmanship is fine, and the printed LOGO is clearly visible.

The customer's product is sold on Amazon, and the packaging requirements are strict. We provide the customer with the completed packaging according to the requirements. The customer praises us for the careful packaging and the complete process.

After the confirmation of the sample and packaging, we began to arrange production. During the period, we gave the customer feedback on the production progress every week. The customer praised our salesman for his strong sense of responsibility and good cooperation.

The goods were completed and shipped smoothly within 30 days.

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